Depth Check Kit

MX depth check will help operators dig quicker, with less effort and greater precision. The system has a bench beside trench, to achieve minimum cover, it can “bench” on known grade to sustain a grade or it can “bench” on laser signal to create slope, or to sustain a grade on multiple locations on a job site.

Beacons and Strobe Lights

Improve safety and visibility with rotating beacon lights or flashing strobe lights. Meets SAE Class 3 requirements. Several sizes and types available: magnetic or permanent mount; install with a wired harness or an adapter plug; LED or strobe/flash tubes.

Heavy Duty Radios

Bobcat Mini Radios are completely weatherproof and built to withstand any environment -- even water and dirt. Listen to the radio or play your iPod, MP3 or other portable music player through the convenient front mini-jack input. Bluetooth stereo and headphones, Sirius Satellite Radio, Roof Mount, CD Player, and several speaker options available.

Heated Seat Covers

Seat covers made of premium quality fabric with an embroidered Bobcat logo and a handheld temperature control deliver the right amount of heat during frigid days. You can also choose to have the same high quality seat cover with no heating element. Ask your dealer to find the correct fit for your seat.

Slope Indicators

Install a Bobcat Slope Indicator onto your equipment to improve your grading accuracy while on the job. The Bobcat Slope Indicator assists operators working between surveyor’s stakes and eliminates trips in and out of the cab for measurements. Working at night also becomes easier with the in-cab assistance of the Bobcat Slope Indicator. Save time & money, and prevent moving too much dirt by placing a Bobcat Slope Indicator into each piece of your equipment. Two styles, in magnetic or adhesive mount. Both can be bolted.

Vinyl Cab

All vinyl cab enclosures are created from heavy-duty materials for a long dependable life. Easy and quick on and off design, windows on all 4 sides, and all-weather safety door.

Battery Heater

Battery heaters or blankets boost battery power in cold weather. Thinsulate™ thermal insulation helps maintain battery temperature in warm or cold weather. Blanket style heater warms battery core to 60° - 70°above the ambient temperature for quick starts. 120 Volt AC operation.

Filter Heater

The filter heater is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad that easily wraps around the filter housing to maintain full contact and to evenly transmit heat to avoid the risk of diesel fuel gelling.

  • Use in cold temperatures to prevent fuel gelling
  • Plug in when machine is not in use
  • Available in 120V, 85 Watts
  • Helps reduce downtime